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Tick Tornado Tick Remover

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The ZenPet Tick Twister Pro provides a safe and effective way of removing ticks from an infected host.

 Ticks are dangerous parasites that can transmit bacteria responsible for Lyme disease and other potentially life-threatening conditions. The faster ticks are removed, the less chance there is of this infection from spreading.

The ZenPet Tick Twister Pro is a simple plastic tool that makes it easy to remove ticks without the use of chemicals. Simply affix the twister to the tick and rotate the device to completely whilst keeping the risk of infection at a minimum. If you live in an area where deer or ticks are known to roam then keep your pet safe by ordering a Tick Twister Pro today!

Key Features:

  • Safe and easy way to remove ticks.
  • Reduces risk of infection.
  • Works without chemicals for quick and painless removal

Caution: Infectious agents can be trasmitted by the tick prior to its removal. Tick Tornado cannot help prevent the development of disease. Always consult your doctor or veterinarian if symptoms occur. 

Please allow max 2 weeks for pre-order. 

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