Thursdays, May 18 - Jun 22 at 12:30 PM | Basic Dog Obedience Class

Dana Babb, Lead Instructor

$ 175.00 

Begin with a Common Sense Approach to Dog Obedience!

We combine old fashioned common sense with today's more progressive positive motivational training techniques. Our Basic dog obedience course provides you with the instruction to train and control your dog.  We teach what we consider the minimum requirements for any dog to be a Canine Good  Citizen. Through a logical class progression, you will train your dog to sit on command, stand, lie down, stay where left, come when called, and heel at your side on a loose leash.  

Other subjects include how to stop your dog from running through an open door or teach your dog not to  jump on people. We also address territorialism, problem barking and common stealing.  We include simple ways to stop the nipping and biting, solve your hole digging problems, and will address your specific issues willingly.

In addition to the traditional group lessons, we provide individual guidance in each class to show you how to GENTLY, but effectively, perform each training technique.  Well behaved children are welcome in class, and ALL family members are encouraged to attend our sessions along with the primary handler.
The Goal? A dog who reliably, willingly and happily responds to your family.
 Basic Dog Obedience is offered in other formats

"Fast Track" Basic  is a class for owners whose schedules don't accommodate the traditional format. The class has the same content as our traditional Basic Dog Obedience but is taught in three 2- hour lessons or four 1-1/2 hour lessons.  This is a fun, active class designed for busy families . [When available]


"Continuing Basic Skills" is a class designed as a Drop In to practice skills in between sessions or to brush up on skills already learned [When available]
  • Dana Babb, Head Instructor: 425-577-4324 |
Terms & Conditions: Sub-Contracted Instructor policies: Full refund on classes if cancelled within 7 days of start date, no refund once class has started, make up classes are available. Sub-Contractors are responsible for all refunds. Sub-Contractor students will adhere to the Policies of Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center, which follows the American Kennel Club's Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge.  Please remember to bring waste disposal bags and pick up after your pup. Above Sub-Contractor and Paws-Abilities LLC is not responsible for any actions of the dogs, it's owners, personal injury or property damage.