Therapy Dogs International Test

$ 10.00

For an overview of our Testing Requirements, and what each dog/handler team is tested for, please view our TDI Testing Requirements Brochure. 
The test must be conducted by a TDI CERTIFIED EVALUATOR. 
The following policies apply for dog/handler teams interested in taking the TDI Test:
-Dogs must be a minimum of one year old to be tested.
-The dog must be healthy. (Please see our Registration Requirements Page for our Health Requirements)
-The handler must be of good character.
-There is NO minimum age for handlers, but handlers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult on visitations and the Registration Form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
-TDI Associate Members and their dog(s) may not visit, be registered by, or be active under the auspices of another Therapy Dog-related visitation program, organization, or group other than TDI. 
-TDI cannot register service dogs.*
-The Evaluation begins as soon as the Evaluator is able to observe you and your dog, not only when you are going through the test requirements as a dog/handler team.
-Potential applicants are NOT required to take any Therapy Dog classes. At the present time, TDI does not offer or sanction any Therapy Dog classes.-If a handler wants to visit with more than one dog at a time, all dogs visiting together must be tested at the same time. The team must go through the entire test and work as one unit. All dogs tested together in a multiple dog test must have passed the TDI Test individually first.*People with disabilities requiring a service dog cannot use the service dog as a therapy dog. However, they can be tested with another dog which is not a service dog. The service dog and the pet dog must go through the testing procedures at the same time.
 Test Cost: $35.00 additional handler:$10.00
Evaluator: Chris Cornell,
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