Therapy Dog Program

$ 1,160.00

Would you like your puppy to grow up to be a Therapy Dog? Therapy dogs are trained to make others feel good. Visiting hospitals, nursing homes and schools. 

Dog's can start their training as early as 10 weeks old.  The succession of classes would be as followed. *note* Price may vary depending on the actual age of the dog and attention span, if you have questions as to where your puppy fits in please call our facility at 253-922-4271.

  1. Puppy Kindergarten (age 10 weeks - 16 weeks, attention span 2-5 minutes)
  2. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy (age 16 weeks - 1 year, attention span approx. 10 min)
  3. Genius Puppy/Pre Basic Obedience (24 wks/6 mo - 1 year, attention span 10-20 min)
  4. Basic Obedience (1 year+, attention span 20+ minutes)
  5. Beyond Basic
  6. Canine Good Citizen and test
  7. Therapy Dog Workshop
  8. Therapy Dog Test through Therapy Dog's International
    (Dog must be at least 1 year's old to test) (INCLUDED WITH PACKAGE)

Each class is six-weeks, one-hour per week. The average program is 8 months

PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE-Contact Jennifer Babb at to enroll in our 4 MONTH PAYMENT PLAN

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