Sure Grip Grooming Tools

Animal Supply

$ 7.59 


SureGrip Grooming Combs are constructed from steel and designed to assist in fluffing, detangling and removing dead hair from the coat. This comb is 7.5" long and features 50% fine and 50% coarse pins. Awesome rubber grip makes this comb easy to hold.

SureGrip Curved Slicker Brush is durable and recommended for daily use in busy salons. This brush has stainless steel pins that are cushioned to ensure a comfortable brushing experience for the animal.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable and has spots for you to place your index finger and thumb for total control of the brush. On both sides there is black flexible rubber which adds both extra comfort and helps you keep a firm grip on the brush. The purple handle is plastic coated slightly with rubber to assist you in maintaining a firm grip.