Petmate Stainless Steel Replenish Water Bowl

Animal Supply

$ 35.31 
Available for pre-order
Size:  1Gallon

Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Waterer, Small, 1-gal; Hey, it takes a lot of hydration to keep a pet pal feeling good when there's this much play going on! No more worrying if your furry friend has enough to drink. The Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Waterer makes sure there's a constant flow of fresh, filtered water, even when you're not home. Charcoal filters remove any impurities or harmful pathogens in tap water and the stainless steel base keeps bacteria at bay. It's dishwasher safe, because no matter how clean the water is after it flows through the filter, chances are it's going to mix with drool.