Open-Utility Obedience Competition

Dana Babb, Lead Instructor

$ 25.00 
Thursdays at 7:30 PM / Drop In

This class will focus on getting dogs/handlers ready for Novice (CD), as well as starting, shaping and training the advanced exercises/behaviors of Open and Utility.

This is a great chance to start those exercises the right way, and teach your dog  that competition obedience is a blast!

The behaviors that lead to great obedience work are shown carefully and broken down step by step in this class and good solid handling is emphasized.   Stays are taught carefully with the goal of building secure stays for the dog’s entire career.  

We discuss and implement good ring strategy in competition and training at matches is also emphasized and covered.  We solve training problems as they come up, and I guide and advise students on their dog’s obedience career if they want my guidance.
Hard working, serious trainers will really enjoy this class and find that we bring the best out of each dog!

Must have instructor permission. 

Instructor: Dana Babb 425-577-4324