goDog Rhino Play Durable Dog Toys

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$ 17.11 


NEW TO 2017!

Beast Ball Description

The FIRST patented self-inflating ball. Even after punctures, the ball continues to self-inflate! Made from environmentally safe and completely non-toxic materials. Tough molded non-toxic PopFoam, Long lasting durable play time. Did we mention it Floats?

Bone Description 
A Tougher more chew-able bone. Tough Molded non-toxic pop foam. New Patented chew foam, Flexible and floatable. Deceptively light & incredibly strong. New Rhino Play from GoDog!

Play Flip Description
Deceptively light and incredibly strong, the flip Jr. Is a super-durable chip-shaped toy that is easy for dogs to pick up and carry. Part of the goDog rhino play line, all toys in this collection are exceptionally durable to withstand rough play for long-lasting fun. Created to encourage play between dogs and their people, every purchase helps support charities that promote play and work to enhance the bond between humans and animals. Rhino play toys are made from PopFoam, a non-toxic, lightweight and durable material that stands up to Tough play. This material is made with environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes and the toys all meet child safety standards. The flip Jr. Is ideally sized for smaller dogs.

Cirq Description
Cirq is an extremely strong, durable dog toy. This donut toy for doggies has proven to be an early favorite among dogs as we’ve seen our furry friends go straight for Cirq when given the choice. Dog owners can fill the rim of this durable dog ring chew toy with peanut butter to keep their dog entertained for hours.The Cirq is a fun round toy shape with a square center. A channel around the underside of the toys makes it easier for dogs to carry and is a great place to hide treats! Made of a single mold. Cirq is Deceptively light & incredibly strong.