Farmina Natural & Delicious Ancestral Grain Cat Food


$ 17.23 

Every Farmina food is made with the best ingredients with the correct amounts of protein, fats, limited carbohydrates and advanced long life vitamins and minerals. The Natural & Delicious high protein, 20% Ancestral Grain formulas are comprised of 60% animal ingredients (pre-cooking weight), 20% organic spelt and organic oats and 20% vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. These diets are also quite different from competing foods because they use better quality protein sources that are devoid of bone, so ash is as low as 6.80% and calcium and phosphorous levels are controlled.

Key Benefits

  • Low-grain and GMO-free formula
  • High level of fresh protein, limited carbohydrate, low fiber
  • 94% of protein is from animal sources
  • No peas, lentils, pea protein or chickpeas
  • No added plant oils of any kind
  • Suitable for all life stages