Martingale Collar | Quick Release

$ 8.51

Chain Martingales Collars were inspired by designs from equestrian tack. The Chain is made from steel and coated with a durable and rust resistant nickel finish. The Collar is made from high quality Nylon and is adjustable to perfectly fit your dog. The Cetacea Soft Martingale Collar provides a training tool that is both kind and effective. When you connect the leash to the center ring and adjust it properly to the circumference of the dogs neck your dog can be effectively trained to stop pulling and avoid bad behavior. The Quick Release buckle allows the collar to be quickly place and removed from the dog without having to re adjust the length and disturb your dogs ears. Unlike a standard choke chain the soft martingale only tightens to the desired circumference to minimize the risk of tracheal damage to your pet. Trainers recommend the Cetacea Martingale Collar and many of our dog training professional customers only use our products.

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