Indipets | Meow Pet Place Mat

$ 4.99


Cats: masters of communication. They only need one word to show their love, demand their dinner, or tell you it's time for a nap. The PetRageous Designs Meow Placemat says everything your spoiled kitty wants you to know on a slip-resistant, easy-to-clean mat that protects your floors from food and water spills. The black and white design looks good with any kitty's home decor.

Key Benefits
  • Simple to clean in case your loved one decided to throw kibble or water out of their bowl.
  • Classic colors look good in any room.
  • Slip-resistant surface and durable design help contain food and water spills.
  • Transparent material allows the floor underneath to show through making this an easy transition for your furry friend.
  • Measures 11.75" x 19"

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