Agility 101 | For Beginners/Foundation | Blynn Baker

Blynn Baker - Train It! Agility

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Building a foundation in Agility is about putting the right building blocks in place. Our instructors will take you and your dog down a path of discovery and will show you how to use your dogs natural abilities and curiosity to learn in a natural way. You will learn the basics of the sports in a way that is informative and fun for both you and your furry athlete.

Puppies or adult dogs beginning in Agility training will learn:
Body awareness
Fun stay training
Tugging with toys
Chase you games
Elevation, sound, movement skills.
and much more dependent on age of your dog.

Do Bring to class:
A crate (some crates are available, first come)
Leash, collar (No pinch collars)
Tugging toys
Lots of Pre Cut-up training treats.
And a sense of humor will take you far

Who is it for:
All Canines

Sit, stay, come



Call Instructor for the following days:

Monday & Tuesday - Blynn Baker,
Wednesday Eve & Friday AM - Karen Watling-Parker, | 206-919-2092
Wednesday AM - Robin Morgan, (425) 361-6972 |

All instructors listed above our their own business license and insurance and may have policies above and beyond Paws-Abilities LLC. Please contact the instructor for more information.

Terms & Conditions: S
ub-Contracted Instructor policies: Full refund on classes if cancelled within 7 days of start date, no refund once class has started, make up classes are available. Sub-Contractors are responsible for all refunds, once class has begun. Sub-Contractor students will adhere to the Policies of Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center, which follows the American Kennel Club's Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge.  Please remember to bring waste disposal bags and pick up after your pup. Above Sub-Contractor and Paws-Abilities LLC is not responsible for any actions of the dogs, it's owners, personal injury or property damage.