Easy Rider | Seat Belt Accessory

$ 14.18

Our Easy Rider Seat Belt Accessory features a click-in buckle design that provides controlled mobility for your dog when riding in the car.

Made of our durable, fade-resistant nylon, our seat belt accessory is adjustable to give just the right amount of mobility in the backseat. Must be used with a car harness.

Why put your best friend in danger?   ...buckle up your pup! 

Did you know? 

  • In some states, it is illegal for your pet to ride in the car without being restrained.
  • Only 28% of dog owners use some type of restraint to secure their dog in the car.
  • Not only can pets distract you while driving, they also can become a projectile during an accident.
  • If an accident occurs, your dog could try to protect you and keep medical personnel from being able to assist.
  • A loose or scared animal could cause other accidents or become hurt while trying to get away.
  • A 75 pound dog can generate 2,250 pounds of force in a crash at 30 mph.
  • So, what's the solution? 

An Easy Rider® Car Harness will keep everyone safe. Coastal Pet Products conducts independent safety crash testing on the patented Easy Rider® car harness to ensure the pet is safe while traveling in an automobile. Metal hardware at all stress points provides the strength needed to keep pets secure in case of an accident.

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