DP101 | Dog Parkour - For the beginners

Carla Baker

$ 150.00 
Session Dates:  Thursdays, June 29 - Aug 3rd at 4:00 PM

Parkour is a fun activity where dogs learn to move through their world exploring and overcoming obstacles.

They jump, climb, run on, rebound against, and go around and under things found naturally in their everyday world.

In class you will teach your dog these skills on objects that gradually introduce the behaviors, learning safely and at your dog’s own pace.

Dog Parkour is low impact and challenging, and increases confidence while overcoming doubts and concerns. Any dog can do Parkour because skills are based on each dog’s size & proportions.

There are no competitions, but you can earn titles by video. Creativity and imagination is all you need to have fun with Dog Parkour anywhere you can take your dog.

Age Requirement: Any age, training will be appropriate to dog's age

Rate: $150 | 6-Week Session | 1 Hour Per Week

Instructor: Carla Baker