Dog Tricks

Charyce Solven

$ 175.00 

Not-So-Stupid Pet Tricks amaze and amuse all of your friends and family with all the tricks your dog knows!  This six-week class is loads of fun for the whole family.  You will learn techniques to teach your pet a variety of fun and useful tricks, which may include Fetch my slippers, Shut the door, Shake, Wave, Rollover, and Take a bow, to how to teach Soccer, Flying Disk and other Catching and Fetching games!

NOW AN A.K.C. Title

Prerequisite: Must have completed a Puppy Class or Instructor Approval

Dogs must LOVE treats and/or toys, be friendly to other dogs and their humans, and understand the commands "SIT", "LIE DOWN" and "WAIT".

New tricks every month!!

Instructor: Charyce Solven,

$175.00 | 6-Week Class