K9 Nose Work | Advanced Odor | Instructor: Diane Porter

Diane Porter, CNWI (NACSW)

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This class is for dogs who have completed “Beginning Odor”. Your dog will work on the Birch and Anise odors but will be introduced to the Clove odor. Dogs will learn to handle all 4 elements... Vehicles, Container searches, Indoor searches as well as Outside searches.

Who is it for:
No PEOPLE aggressive dogs will be allowed. If you have any doubts please call the instructor.

Prerequisite: Beginning Odor


Maximum of 6 dogs

Contact Instructor for class schedule and enrollment:
Diane Porter | goldensrgr8@comcast.net | #253-988-1088
Terms & Conditions: Sub-Contracted Instructor policies: Full refund on classes if cancelled within 7 days of start date, no refund once class has started, make up classes are available. Sub-Contractor students will adhere to the Policies of Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center, which follows the American Kennel Club's Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge.  Please remember to bring waste disposal bags and pick up after your pup. Diane Porter and Paws-Abilities LLC is not responsible for any actions of the dogs, it's owners, personal injury or property damage.