Service Dog Beyond Basic Skillz

Charyce Solven

$ 140.00 

Welcome to our Pilot Program for Service Dog Teams. Service dogs need to be highly educated. If basic obedience is elementary school, then this is high school.  Here your dog will further heeling skills as well as learning the foundations for off leash heeling.  Under distractions your dog will learn to really nail their stays, as well as focus on you under heavier distractions.  These, as well as other practical for the real world obedience skills will be taught in this small, six week class. 

Over the next couple of months we are doing some specialized classes to test a new concept of training for our Service Dog Programs. A specialized class for Service Dog Teams offering more focused skills and smaller class sizes. By offering smaller classes your time with the instructor is increased yielding better results.

We have opened (2) spots to non service dog teams to aid the Service Dog Teams with socialization by having other dogs around them.


 $140.00/ 4 Weeks One Hour Per Week

Prerequisite: Paws-Abilities Beyond Basic Obedience or Instructor Approval

Instructor: Charyce Solven | or call 253-922-4271