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What is Agility?

Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the US and the world. It is a sport that appeals to all dog lovers from young to old. Agility is designed to demonstrate how a dog works with it’s handler in a variety of situations with different agility obstacles. It is a sport that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Dog and handler negotiate an obstacle course and race against the clock and vie for a clean run, i.e. no missed obstacles, contacts or dropped jump bars. It’s suitable for most dogs and the over-all goal is FUN! It’s a terrific way to burn excess energy both mentally and physically. Ready to take on the challenge?

Start with Foundation to Agility : The fun starts here where dogs and handlers both establish the bond of trust and learning about a new and higher level of learning and relationship. Focus games are a large part of the agility start as it creates the desire for your dog to want to PLAY with you! Some equipment may be introduced depending on class size and advancement of dogs understanding.

Beginner(requirement : FOUNDATION) In this class we continue to work on focus as well as introduction to some of the agility equipment. Lots of rewards and praise, we see the dogs confidence level increase thru the gradual introduction of obstacles and build progression on their successes. Once dogs have mastered individual obstacles, small sequences are built.

Advanced: We up the challenge to test handlers and dogs skills to successfully navigate more complex courses. FUN is still the main goal while keeping you and your dog engaged and challenged!

Competition: You are ready for the opportunity to take your show on the road! You and your dog are a well oiled machine, ready to dance the dance and reap all the benefits of hours of training. We prepare you mentally to take on any type of course challenges you may encounter in a trial situation.

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