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We've been nominated on the SeaAList for BEST Training. Please take a minute and vote for us!  We are also nominated for the "Best Pet Supplies" 


Voted the Top 5 since 2008


Stacey M. says: "They teach you how to think like your dog, and help you understand how to train your dog so you can continue (weather just a puppy class or service dog training). The trainers don't just end class by the clock. Sometimes someone needs a few minutes extra, and they make time. The whole staff is there to love your dog as much or more than you do! Grooming and all. Don't even think about training a service dog anywhere else. Just ask for Dana!" (BEST Training - August 29, 2016)

Nora G. says: "Professional skilled trainers. Classes are enjoyable for my dog and I. Variety of classes and trainers great." (BEST Training - October 21, 2015)

Priya S. says: "Their commitment to dogs is the best!" (BEST Training - October 20, 2015)