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TimberHaus K-9, German Shepherd Dogs

Zwinger von dem Walkonig/Timberhaus Training is a small kennel facility and farm located just outside of Eatonville,WA in the foothills beautiful Cascade Mts.Our dogs are first and foremost,family companions.They are very much a part of our life and MUST have the temperament to be able to take camping,into crowds of people,etc.We feel that it has been far too acceptable for workingline GSD's to have extremely high aggression and defensiveness.Yes,this dog looks great on the schutzhund field but the practicality of real life is that dog is a huge liabilty! All of our dogs can work,most are even pronounced in the protection phase.They absolutely will work in a real situation but are also clear-headed and social ,they can assertain the difference between a threat and someone that is not threatening,such as a child.I have been involved with dogs for 40yrs,GSD's for 29 yrs.I was raised in a family of farmers/ranchers so animals of all types have always been a huge part of my life.As a young child ,if I wasnt bringing home strays,conveniently"winning"ducks at the local fair or making friends with the neighbors chained aggressive dobermans,I would be taking my Grandfather's cattle dogs and training them to do obedience routines! I have worked my entire life with animals..Vet assistant,Show horse farm managment,assistant breeding manager of horse farm,dog training,Boarding kennel management,Animal name it!  My goal as a steward of the greatest dog breed on the planet, is to breed a German Shepherd that is true to what they were meant to be..a hardy,loyal and intelligent working dog of great  temperament, health,conformation, courage,balanced drives and good bone structure and substance.A dog that is just as much of a joy to live with as they are to work. For these traits I prefer the European working lines with heavy emphasis on the rare,old DDR(East German) bloodlines. The following is what I call my "B"system of breeding!

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