Jill Riley

Instructor for Obedience and Conformation



I have been training dogs for at least 25 years.I trained under Kitty Fields, Pluis and Kate Davern, and Tom Lams plus others for about 12 years.
I have done obedience and judged at matches in the past. in the  I have taught obedience, conformation and agility. Due to extreme allergies, obedience and agility trials had to stop for me.
Conformation is my favorite because that's what I am currently doing.  l prefer doing beginning obedience and behavior training so am always game for that.
I am a breeder, trainer and handler of Papillons. That has been my breed of choice for over 25 years.
Even though I have finished several dogs I am still learning from others. I love to see people and their dogs to succeed in the ring, and enjoy helping them with all aspects of handling so want to teach them everything that I have learned. Some of the key things that I see aren't taught is dress to show off your dog the best, how your dog looks best when presented to the judge, and what to look for in the ring as far as what judges prefer and watching out for handler's tricks and techniques. Many tips of the trade including trimming and showing your dog to show off it's best features.

I look forward to working with you and your dogs. Thanks, Jill


Contact Info: jillriley580@gmail.com