Indoor Dog Park? Not really, Its much better!

Waggin' GamesTail Waggin' Games

An obstacle course setup to engage your dog's mind and body in a safe, indoor environment. 

  • An inexpensive way to practice with your dog(s). $5 for the first dog, $2 for each additional dog.
  • Just like a dog park environment or when practicing with your friends, participants will share the space and work together with other handlers to provide ample time and/or working area for each dog.
  • Of course if no one else is there, you get the entire ring to yourself!
  • We take pride in our facility, therefore as a reminder, ALL handlers are expected to immediately clean-up ALL evidence of crumbs, dog messes, wrappers, etc. on the equipment, floor and immediate surrounding areas.
  • Paws-Abilities and it's partners are committed to creating a positive and proactive environment for both dogs and handlers. Anyone utilizing the facility is expected to do the same.
  • If a handler is unable to follow the above rules, they may be asked to leave, charged a clean-up fee or banned from further facility use without a refund.
  • Aggressive and/or reactive dogs will not participate in Tail Waggin' Games. However, we will happily work with you to arrange private ring time, if available and appropriate.
  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations. Proof may be requested


Please check our calendar for game times. Dates and Times may vary!