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Larry and Dana Babb started Paws-Abilities Dog Training in 1981 and spent 20 years training dogs in Tukwila.  After the death of Larry in 2008, their daughter, Jennifer came home and joined the family business. Two years later a decision was made to close down the Tukwila Center and start fresh with a whole new concept.  Jennifer opened up Paws-Abilities LLC, aka Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center.  A center built around Dana's Service Dog Program. Offering a place where any positive method trainer can come and offer their expertise to anyone who wants to come and train, practice or take care of their dog with the help of local trainers, practitioners and pet businesses at an affordable price.

The new training area is sectioned into three training floors. Brightly lit for the safety of your family's dog. Featuring more than 8,000 square feet dedicated to dog training and sports. Dogs and puppies and their owners love the positive methods and behavior modification classes at the Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center.  Our popular puppy training classes and dog training classes are always flexible to fit your schedule.  If you live anywhere within Western Washington, you will want to bring your dog or puppy to the Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center!

Paws-Abilities LLC dba Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center and The Spaw Spot

UBI #: 603-097-455, EIN #: 80-0700858, DUNS #: 968026323, RESELLER PERMIT #: A23 3223 13

TDAA HOST #: C13001

 Paws-Abilities is made up of Local Small Businesses and Sub-Contractors.  If you are a trainer, practitioner or  looking for a place to practice, contact Jennifer at 253-486-6557

Jennifer Babb
Paws-Abilities LLC
Notary Public # 148589
Daughter of Dana and Larry Babb, Jennifer took her father's dream of being able to help every family, rich or poor have a well trained dog and Dana's special talent of teaching dogs to help the mentally and physically disabled become just another member of society and created a "Community Center" for dogs and their families.  Jennifer's former career included being an event coordinator for a County Parks and Recreation and an Administrative Assistant to the director of a major hospital.  These combined skills, the love of her community and the love and support of her children, Jennifer opened Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center in Fife.
Recently awarded the City of Fife's Dream Followers

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