Karen Watling-Parker

Karen Watling-Parker got her start in agility in 2003, when her youngest son acquired an Aussie/BC mix puppy named Abby. After watching them from the sidelines for the first couple weeks, it was evident that this was NOT a spectator sport and being an athlete, dog lover and fitness instructor, it seemed the ultimate combination. She immersed herself in the training practices without seriously wanting to 

compete but that soon changed after helping out at local NADAC trial. Despite the countless hours of training and practicing and competing, however, she felt something was lacking and in earnest began attending seminars and workshops and ultimately changed trainers to discover the huge gap…FOUNDATION!

She has been an agility trainer off and on for the past 10 years and has an ability to communicate ideas and movement in a way that is understood by people of all skills and abilities. Being an accomplished fitness instructor and evaluator with Jazzercise for 25 years, she has a keen eye for empowering and building a team to the greatest level of their abilities, while making it FUN! She and Archie have been competing locally since 2012 and are a smooth handling team at the AKC Excellent level and are working towards their MX and MXA titles. She is an enthusiastic instructor and will tailor your experience and training at Paws-Abilities to suit your needs.

She resides in Black Diamond with 4 Australian Shepherds-10 year old Abby, 5 year old Archie, her 6 year old Mini Aussie rescue, Roxy and her 2 year old re-home, Mose. She teaches 6 Jazzercise classes a week and enjoys gardening, home renovation projects and volunteering at the local Elementary school and Senior Center. 
Karen will be offering agility classes for dogs of small stature without regard to breed or pedigree. Teacup Agility! For dogs under 20” tall. 
Foundation class is open to all sizes and breeds and is a pre-requisite to Teacup Agility


To contact Karen Parker, pawsitive-approach@hotmail.com | (206) 919-2092