Mad About Organics | Herbal Insect Repellent Spray


$ 21.70


The majority of insect sprays on the market are full of toxins and harmful chemicals. Insects are not fun to deal with, which is why Mad About Organics' organic herbal insect repellent spray is safe for your pets and the whole family!

It is great to be able to spray our dogs and ourselves right before we hit the trail, knowing the biting insects will get confused and no longer look at us as a food source and stay off. 

Mad About Organics' Insect Repellent Spray is made in Eugene, Oregon and packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle.

The Herbal Insect Repellent Spray is completely safe for animals 4 weeks and older including pregnant females. 


Active: (Citronella .0015%, Lemongrass .0015%, Peppermint .0013%, Clove .0001%, Geranium .0008, Cedarwood .0005%, Garlic .00001%)

Inert: Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax Powder, Lecithin, Coconut Scent, Essential Oils (Calendula, Catnip, Orange, Clove, Juniper Berry, Patchouli, Basil, Eucalyptus, Witch Hazel, Lavender)

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