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Sweet Potato Chews

This is Crumps' Naturals signature treat! We slice fresh North American grown sweet potatoes and slow bake them to create a delicious chew for your dog. In addition to their amazing flavor, Sweet Potato Chews have the added benefit of being rich in vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene. This treat is natural, low-fat, single-ingredient and high in fibre. Sweet Potato Chews are a great choice for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. Made with care in our kitchen in small batches. Every Crumps' Naturals Treats encourages better pet health with all-natural healthy ingredients to aid in digestion, vitamin absorption, decrease allergy issues, promote vibrant skin and coat, promote healthy gums and teeth and a healthy immune system.

  • Single Ingredient: Using Whole Fresh Sweet Potatoes. Great For Dogs With Sensitivies To Meat Proteins
  • All Natural: High In Fiber, Rich In Beta Carotene, Minerals And Vitamins. No Additives, Colours Or Preservatives, Non Gmo
  • Canadian Made
  • All Life Stages: Great For All Dogs Of All Ages And Sizes
  • Texture: Tough And Chewy
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