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Stainless Steel Pinch Dog Collar, Regular and Snap On (Quick Release).

You are hesitating to use a pinch collar because your pet doesn't belong to big dog breed? This New Pinch Collar is designed specially for young dogs or dogs of middle-sized breeds. The prongs are thick enough not to hurt a dog's neck. This supply is one of Martingales, it means that a choking is under control and the effect from it is more gentle. So this collar model is perfect for controlling your dear pet while walking. It prevents your four-feet friend to pull on a leash without pain and harm for his health.

 History of the pinch collarPinch collars were designed with the dog in mind. They are specifically designed to fit snugly under the chin so that the chain, when tightened,, forms an equilateral triangle.that should close no more than half an inch. It is called a Pinch Collar because it mimics the quick little pinch that their sire or dam would deliver to the scruff of the neck to say No to a 2 or 3 week old pup. The majority of the scruff is directly under the skull. Popped quickly, it spreads the 1/4 inch -1/2 inch flex around the neck. It is a correction that dogs understand. we use these collars in classes because once the handler knows how to use it, they gain the confidence to actually work with their dogs instead of giving up. Because the dog understands the collar, it also succeeds. ... As the team learns to work together, like training wheels, this particular collar generally goes away. There are cheap pinch collars that are poorly made and the links are sharp and should never be used. A well made collar has smooth, rounded links. the action between the links is sideways to pinch, not down into the neck. Like the slip chain, this collar should never be left on the dog when the dog is alone, but unlike the slip-chain, it rarely injures a dog that gets tangled in brush or whatever. . . It is also designed as a breakaway collar that would release the dog if it struggles. Unfortunately, it does not come with instructions...until now!  CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

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