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 ACANA Grasslands: For adult cats and kittens. Loaded with 70% of meats and fish, ACANA Grasslands matches your cat’s evolutionary adaptation to a meat & protein rich diet, and its fresh meat variety mirrors the diversity and freshness of the natural diet. Reflecting Alberta’s fertile grasslands, ACANA Grasslands is loaded with local lamb, whole eggs, wild-caught fish, and cage-free duck.

ACANA Meadowland: Packed with 75% meat, ACANA Meadowland is brimming with free-run Cobb chicken, Tom turkey, nest-laid eggs, Blue catfish and Rainbow trout.

ACANA Wild Atlantic: New England’s cold Atlantic waters are renowned for their sustainable diversity of wild fish. Inspired by our rich marine heritage, ACANA Wild Atlantic is brimming with wild-caught fish that mirror your cat’s evolutionary diet.

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