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Why move a successful training center that’s been in Tukwila since the early 90s to Fife? Why build a brand new facility with rotating pet practitioners, 8000 square feet of training space, a complete indoor fitness facility, and your dog’s very own pet store?

Because we love them. And we love you.

Because, frankly, not only do our dogs need a safe and friendly environment to learn, play, and relax, but the people who call them family need it too.

We love our dogs. And we love the families that are attached to those dogs. There was no location in Fife where dog owners could come together as a community. There was no community center in the Tacoma area solely built for dogs. 

So we decided to build the first one.

Paws-abilities has been serving Western Washington since 1988, training dogs for both military veterans suffering from PTSD, and service dogs for men and women with disabilities. Now we’re serving our community of Fife and surrounding areas, and showing everyone that “every dog has Paws-Abilities!”