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We enrolled in the puppy kindergarten class with 4-5 other puppies in March 2016.  Being dog owners for the last 13 years we thought we were educated dog owners.  We learned so much in this class, Dana provided insight, suggestions and helped us understand why dogs do what they do.  Not only the training aspect, but the clarity of learning how dogs think was worth the admission price.

Our trainer was Dana, we were in the same class as the lady who wrote one of the negative reviews.  This is the part I dont understand about that review, if your opinions are different than the trainers, that is fine, but why pay $145 to argue with and contradict the professional trainers discussion?  You and your dog are there to learn about each other and learn how to train your puppy, not constantly interject your opinions and disagree with the teacher.  Honestly, if you would have been able to just shut up and listen instead of constantly talk and force your opinions on the class you may have walked away with valuable knowledge and insight like we did.

Sure Dana is set in her ways, she is knowledgeable and very obviously knows what she is doing.  I can see how she can come across as maybe gruff or stern, but she is trying to teach a class full of puppies and owners who are there because they need help understanding the pups.  This training involves discipline and patience, Dana is a valuable resource and we learned so much by just learning why these silly creatures do what they do.  Dana has an understanding and relationship with dogs that wowed us several times.  She trained our unruly pup in mere minutes with just some basic insight about their behavior.  We watched and participated as we saw most of the dogs in the class go from being unruly to having manners and learning basic commands in just a few classes.  We were successful with this class and learned so many training tips and games to help him learn.  We were pleasantly surprised just how smart these little guys are.  Thanks Dana!


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