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Recently in the media there has been stories about a gentleman who brought his dogs into our facility (Paws-Abilities) for a Therapy Dog Test through Therapy Dogs International (TDI). This person showed up once in September of 2012 and he came back with two dogs for testing last May. While it seems he took several pictures of himself and his dogs in our facility implying that he trained with us, other than registering for the tests, this man has NO affiliation with us. Therapy Dog Testing is open to everyone...


Yes, the records indicate that they did pass both the Canine Good Citizen Test and the Therapy Dog Test,, but after checking with TDI, this person never actually followed through and Registered with TDI as a Therapy Dog Team - The paperwork and fees do not appear to have been sent in - Teams must be registered within 90 days of taking the test or the testing is invalid and must be redone. There is also the 'Small print' - Under TDI testing rules, Service Dogs cannot be Therapy Dogs. Therapy Dogs work in hospitals to make others feel better. They do not wear vests - they are supposed to be petted and no one wants to pet a vest. True Service Dogs are trained to ignore others and concentrate on their handler. This person is also claiming that his dog is a 'Registered' PTSD Service Dog.and implies that he trained here.


Fact -There is no Registry for Service Dogs - there are scam sites that pretend to 'Register' anybody's dog as a Service Dog for a fee. The word 'Registered' tells everyone that this is what he did. True Service Dogs are task-trained to assist their handlers and the training can take years to complete.


 Our Owner-Trained Service Dog Teams must complete a documented 120 hours of class-time training to achieve this goal.. Any dog that acts aggressively (i.e. lunging or barking at other dogs or people) would not be accepted into our program or would wash out if this were to occur.




  • Anna: April 01, 2016

    This guy is a real creep. Approaches women and kids with his dogs under no control at all. Buys a vest and fake badge, online, and fully believes that makes his dog certified. SD do NOT sit AT the table in any restaurant, they remain at the handler’s feet or side only. They do not beg for food, go after other dogs, bark uncontrollably, wander far from their handler, nor bite the face of a family friend, like this Rottweiler has allegedly done. This guy makes SD look bad, so when a real SD is in attendance, people are confused. Is there a way to report him for fraud? Now he attacked a patron of the facility for no reason other than pure jealousy. He is a racist, he is a felon, just released from jail on March 9th, after serving over 60 days for DWLS, HNR, eludng police and threatening another person. If he threatens anyone, report him.

  • Laurie Hardman: March 28, 2015

    argh! on both counts – not following thru with the therapy dog registration, as well as the service dog “thing”. cripes!

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